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14th 50 State Tour

I’m excited to announce my 14th, 50 state mowing tour. With October being Breast Cancer & Down Syndrome Awareness months, I will be mowing for both causes.

What is a 50 State mowing tour? This is when I travel to all 50 states, drive to 48 states and fly to Alaska & Hawaii and mow for a particular cause. I also have a customize lawn mower made for the cause I’m mowing for and auction it off , giving 100% of the funds to a nonprofit organization associated with that cause. My first one was in 2017. I either mow a full yard or mow a strip with the person

For this tour:

Breast Cancer: I will be looking for those who are currently battling breast cancer, survivors of breast cancer & those who loss a love one to it . I will mow your yard, then do a short interview with you. You can share your story, when you were first diagnosed, ect and bring more awareness. OR we can mow a strip of lawn together which symbolizes one day finding a cure for Breast cancer.

Down syndrome: I’m looking for families who have a kid or even an adult in their family with Down Syndrome. I will mow you’re a lawn , then do interview an to spread more awareness about DS. Or mow a strip together as well.
During the entire tour I will have both lawn mower up for auction & whoever the highest bidder is, I will personally deliver the mower. 100% of the proceeds will go to a non-profit organization associated with each cause. If you know of one, please let me know .

Mower Auction