Autism Tour

Here are the dates for my up & coming Autism tour this April. I am looking for families that might have a child who is autistic to mow a strip of lawn with me & share their story. I would also love to stop to different organizations along the way that helps kids with autism to do the same thing. This is my route & I will be passing these cities, but if you also live near, on the way or leaving from these cities I can also stop by to you as well. I will be mowing 1-2 lawns in each state for the elderly, disabled, single parents & veterans while I’m on this tour, but my goal is to find as many kids that have autism to mow a strip with while I’m in each state. Both of my lawn autism lawn mowers will be up for auction while I’m on this tour. 100% of the proceeds will go to organizations that help kids with autism. I will announce which organization I pick soon. It will be one for each mower.

Dates Pushed Back Till Things Get Better. Should Have New Dates Soon