Find a Mower

Use the form to search for kids who are mowing lawns in your area. If we have a young person mowing lawns in your area, click the result closest to you and fill out the contact form on the next page. Mention your city, state & zip code in the message. We will be adding more kids to this database as more become active, especially during the summer.

Please also keep in mind that if we have a kid in your area, it will be up to the parents on when they are able to bring their kid by to help you with your lawn.

Also: Our current database of zip codes in "Find a Mower", only include kids that have signed up for our program this year. Once summer hits and kids from the previous years come back to finish the challenge, we will see who is active and then their zip codes will be added to our data base.

We search a 25 mile radius as our mower's parents usually provide transportation.