Mowing For A Cause

Mowing For A Cure. Each month I will customize a lawn mower for a particular cause along with a special RMLCS shirt & hat. For that month I’ll Mow for that cause & at the end of that month I will auction off my lawnmower & 100% of the proceeds go to that cause and the mower will go to the person who bids the highest on it. I will personally deliver the mower, along with the special shirt for that month & hat. You may also purchase shirts which will go to that cause.

Selected randomly , For July I will mow for Breast Cancer. I also hope to have breast cancer survivors & current warriors who are battling it sign the mower & mow a strip of grass with me . You let me know what cause you want me mow for in August .

The breast cancer organization I picked was the Little Pink Houses of Hope. Find more info about the organization here  Little Pink Houses of Hope.


To Bid on the mower, click on “BID NOW” . Please only place a bid on the mower if your are seriously trying to get it. 


The Winner of the auction of the mower just needs to write a check or money order to  Little Pink Houses of Hope and ill pick it up when I deliver the mower