Mowing For A Cure

With October being the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, I wanted to do something special. I am getting back on the road & doing a tour called, Mowing for A Cure. With this tour I hope to raise money for a Breast Cancer organization called ‘My Hope Chest’. They fund breast reconstruction surgery for breast cancer survivors who are uninsured. After reading up on this organization & seeing how much confidence reconstruction surgery has brought back so much confidence in many of the women I knew I had to do this.

Similar to how I did mowing for breast cancer this past July, I will be looking for those who are currently battling breast cancer, survivors of breast cancer & those who loss a love one to it and have them mow a strip of grass with me, sign my mower and give a 1min interview. It all takes 10min or less.

During the entire tour I will have my lawn mower up for auction & whoever the highest bidder is, I will personally deliver the mower. 100% of the proceeds will go to ‘My Chest Hope’. I will also have Raising Men & Raising Women Shirts on sale and 100% of the proceeds from that will also go to My Chest Hope.

I will post my route soon along with dates. If I happen to be in your city during a weekend & they have a 5k walk for Breast Cancer, I am looking to walk the 5k and push my mower the entire walk(please keep an eye out for me).

I am looking for 1-5 ppl per state (or as many as I can get) to mow a strip with me. If I happen to get more then great! I have listed place I plan to travel to/through, but I am open to wherever I may find those who I am looking for. If you know anyone in the cities I listed, on the way to them, nearby or leaving from one of those cities on my route towards another state who has Breast Cancer, Survivor of it or those who have loss a love one to it .

If you have someone, please text/call me at (256) 631-8660

Also, if someone would like to take part in it but lives in a reasonable driving distance to a location I would be more than happy to drive to them


The breast cancer organization I picked is the My Hope Chest . Find more info about the organization here My Hope Chest.


If you would like to get a shirt, please go here: CLICK HERE




To Bid on the mower, click on “BID NOW” . Please only place a bid on the mower if your are seriously trying to get it. 


The Winner of the auction of the mower just needs to write a check or money order to  Little Pink Houses of Hope and ill pick it up when I deliver the mower