Service & Sacrifice

I am excited to announce that on September 18th I will be embarking on my 9th 50-state tour (driving to 48 and flying to 2, Alaska & Hawaii ). This tour is called, “Thank you for your service & sacrifice.” My 6th tour in 2019 was called, “Thank you for your service.” I went to all 50 states and mowed lawns for veterans, thanking them for their service to our country. For my 9th tour, I will be mowing lawns for Gold Star families, Purple Heart recipients, POWs (prisoners of war), families of MIAs (missing in action), families of active duty members deployed overseas as well as veterans of all branches of the military.

I plan to mow for persons or families in each of these in groups. If they feel up to it, I would like them to share their stories or the stories of their loved ones. I think it is extremely important to thank and honor our heroes while they are alive and to remember the sacrifice of those who are no longer with us.

If you know of someone or family member (wife, husband, parent, sibling or child) who falls in one of these categories (Gold Star, Purple Heart, POW, MIA, active duty deployed overseas, or veteran), please contact them first to make sure they are willing to have me mow their lawn; then, fill out the form and I will be in contact. I will be mowing for one person of the 6 groups I mentioned in each state. The number you can text me at is :(256)631-1926 if you have any questions.

I will be auctioning off each lawn mower at the end of the tour and giving 100% of the funds to organizations associated with veterans’ groups. I will be making an announcement soon about which charities I have selected.

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