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First Responders 50 State Mowing Tour

I am thrilled to share the exciting news of my 16th 50-state mowing tour! It’s incredible to think that these tours began back in 2017, and now I’m embarking on my 16th one!

What exactly is my 50-state mowing tour? Well, it involves traveling to all 50 states, driving to 48 of them, and flying to Alaska and Hawaii. During this tour, I mow lawns for various causes. In the past, I’ve mowed for breast cancer, childhood cancer, teachers, autism, veterans, and many more. Each tour is dedicated to a specific cause, and as part of the effort, I customize a lawn mower to represent that cause. At the end of each tour, I auction off the customized mower, with all proceeds going to non-profit organizations associated with the cause.To date I have raised  over $19,000 for causes. It’s heartwarming to know that 100% of these funds have been directed to support non-profits connected to each cause.

For my first tour of 2023, I am honored to be mowing for first responders, which includes firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMT’s , doctors, nurses, and 911 dispatchers. I’m also reaching out to families of heroes who tragically lost their lives while on duty.

Here’s how the tour works: In each state, I will select 1-2 families of first responders and mow their lawns. After mowing, I’ll conduct a brief interview (why the became a first responder ect ) and take a picture with the mower before heading to the next state. The tour typically spans around 20-23 days.

If you are a first responder or know of one, please  fill out the form below. If you are nominating someone, please check with them first before making a submission .   I will select 1-2 ppl per -state. Also even if I don’t get in contact with you it’s still a chance I’ll make contact with you as I pass your city/state.

Also if a department, example HPD, wanted me to come out and mow the lawn at the department , they will also be included . So departments can sign up too.  

If you happen to know any nonprofit organizations within the first responder community, please let me know. Since there will be three mowers on this tour, the funds from each mower’s auction will be allocated to different organizations.

The auction for these lawn mowers will kick off on the first day of the tour. While I will have these mowers with me during the journey, I plan to use them mainly for pictures, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for the highest bidders.

As I plan my future tours, I would love to hear your suggestions on the next cause you’d like me to mow for!

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