Do you accept the 50 yard challenge?

Where We Have Mowers

The cities listed below represent the locations of participants who joined our 50 Yard Challenge in 2023, making it our most up-to-date directory as we step into 2024. Please note that this list does not include participants from previous years. However, if your city is not mentioned, we encourage you to reach out to us for information on whether any participants from prior years are available or currently active.

While these enthusiastic young individuals have registered for our program, it’s important to remember that their participation in actual lawn mowing activities may vary. As they are still children, their involvement might not be as consistent as that of a professional lawn care service. Factors such as reliance on parental transportation, other obligations, and general life circumstances can affect their availability.

If you are in need of a lawn mowing service through our program and there is a participant in or near your city, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly facilitate communication with the participant’s parents or guardians. It’s important to note that the scheduling and availability of these services are at the discretion and availability of the parents or guardians.


*Once summer starts and we have kids sign up from 2024, we will be adding 2024 kids to this list. 

Scroll on the list to see your state. They are in order .