How To Submit Your Lawns:

When it comes to submitting your kids lawns we require 4 different pictures (you may submit others, but these four are required). A  “in action” photo , “a before and after” photo, and a picture with the home owner if they are up to it. If they aren’t, you can just take a photo of your kid in the yard like the one displayed “photo alone”.  When it comes to before and after photos of the lawn, be sure to take them in the same place so we can see the difference in both photos.  When submitting them also say this is “Lawn #5”  for example. You can submit them at (256) 508-9440 (this is the preferred method) or at . If you have any other question feel free to reach out to us. 

Please send in photos as your kid does each lawn. Do not wait to send them in. 

Pic With Home Owner

Before Photo

After Photo

In action

Photo alone