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Dear Parents : When we have a date for submissions to be open for our 50 yard challenge we will post it.

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Phone Number: (256) 508 - 9440
Address: P.O Box 2182, Madison,AL - 35758
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Please read the below paragraph in red if you are contacting about needing lawn care.


Please read before contacting: If you are contacting about lawns in Huntsville,AL or nearby areas in AL, at the moment we are booked to the max with lawns.

For people looking for help in other cities/states outside Huntsville,AL. We have over 1,500 kids taking part in our 50 Yard Challenge program throughout the USA mowing free lawns. As of today, April 7th 2021, not many kids are active due to school. Once school ends in May we will have many of the kids active in the program. It is best to contact us around that time to see if we have a kid in your area that could help you. If we do, we can put you in contact with their parents. Please keep in mind, they are only kids & they get around by their parents. Their availability depends on when their parents are able to bring them by to do the lawn.

We are working on posting a list of cities in each state where we have kids active this summer. Every time a kid becomes active, their city will be added to that list.  We will have a link to that list soon.

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Yes they can. They can do it in any state, city, or even another country . Click HERE to sign them up.

Kids are responsible for finding their own lawns in their city when they are doing our 50 Yard Challenge but if you need help with your lawn, we can see if we have a kid in your area to help you out Kids are mainly active in the program during the summer months when they are out of school. Please keep in mind that our kids get around by their parents so it depends mainly when their parents can bring them by to help you with your lawn.   Also please keep in mind, they are just kids and can only do so much.