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Our 50 Yard Challenge program has attracted over 4,000 children across the United States who are offering free lawn mowing services. Participants are responsible for identifying and selecting the lawns they will mow within their respective towns. If you are in need of lawn care assistance, please visit CLICK HERE and check whether we have a mower available in your state or city before contacting us.

If your city is listed under your state, or a nearby city is listed, please reach out to us and we will do our best to connect you with a participating parent in your area. However, please keep in mind that the young mowers are still children and have limitations, as they depend on their parents for transportation and other support. With schools in session in many areas, participating children may not be as active as they were during the summer, so please keep this in mind.

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Please Keep In Mind: Most if not all of our kids in the program are back in school now. Many kids will not be active again until next summer. While some will continue to mow during the weekends.

Please Note:

It’s important to note that while a city may be listed, it does not ensure that a participant from that location is consistently active there. The frequency with which our young participants can mow lawns varies: some may be able to do so bi-weekly, others monthly, and a few whenever their parents have the availability to assist them. The vast majority (99%) of our participants rely on their parents for transportation, which means their availability may not match the consistency you might expect from a standard lawn care service.

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If for some reason we don’t have a kid in your area, the next best thing to do is visit . They may have someone in your area.  I Want To Mow Your