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Honorary Member Nomination's

In 2020, we received a call from a lady by the name of Tina in Wadsworth,IL about a young man named Ozzie. Before I tell you about Ozzie , I’ll tell you about Tina .Tina has a Daughter by the named Effie who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (a blood cancer) on March 27, 2019 which was devastating to the family . From the moment she was diagnosed the family began making weekly trips to Lurie’s children’s hospital in Chicago for treatments and she also had 10 hospitalizations during that time as well.

With them being gone for so long , the grass started to grow .After finding out about his next door neighbors, Ozzie took it upon himself to help Effies family out . He decided to take care of their lawn not just once but every single week he cuts their grass even now till this day .Today Effie is in remission but still has weekly & monthly appointments till 2021. Her family said they are forever grateful for Ozzie. For Ozzie to do what he did without anyone even asking him I believe is really commendable . He , just like all of the kids in our program are making a difference one lawn at a time .

On behalf of Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service family I made Ozzie an honorary member of the 50 yard challenge and presenting him a brand new mower, weedeater and blower for what he has done.

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If you know of a kid that we should consider an Honorary Member of our 50 Yard Challenge, please nominate them on the form below. Lets us know what they are doing in their community by helping out others with a lawn mower or by doing some sort of yard work.
The kids can't be doing our 50 Yard Challenge. Only kids who aren't doing the challenge.
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first recipient : Ozzie of IL