Do you accept the 50 yard challenge?


Frequent asked questions we get about the 50 yard challenge. 

Our 50 yard challenge is open to children between the ages of 8 and 17.

It is the responsibility of all children to secure their own lawns for the challenge. We recommend that parents suggest utilizing local yard sale pages on Facebook as an effective method to find lawns. By posting that their child is participating in the 50-yard challenge and offering to mow the lawns of the elderly, disabled, single parents, or veterans for free, approximately 90% of our children have successfully found lawns through this approach. Some children also opt to go door-to-door and inquire directly. This not only provides an opportunity for children to expand their social circle but also encourages them to develop connections with neighbors they may not have encountered otherwise.

We highly encourage kids to partner up with a friend or sibling for the challenge. This experience can serve as an excellent opportunity for bonding and strengthening relationships. In cases where three or more kids collaborate, they are required to collectively complete 100 lawns or distribute the workload equally, with each participant responsible for 50 lawns.

The 50-yard challenge does not have a specified time limit. Kids can take as much time as they require to complete it. If they begin during the summer and are unable to finish, they have the option to resume from where they left off the following summer.

Children are allowed to mow the same lawn more than once if they choose to do so, but we highly encourage them to seek out and mow as many different lawns as possible.

For each lawn your child mows or shovels, we kindly request that you capture pictures of them in action. Additionally, please remember to take before and after pictures showcasing their work. If you are familiar with my personal approach to capturing lawn pictures, I include the homeowner in the photo if they are willing and present. However, if they are unavailable or not at home, I take a picture at their door using my selfie stick. It is important to submit these pictures for each lawn, as they are necessary for the lawns to be counted. Lawns without accompanying pictures will not be considered valid.

You can send the pictures to (256) 508-9440 or [email protected]

Absolutely! The location of a child doesn’t matter when it comes to participating in the 50-yard challenge.

Children can commence the challenge as soon as they receive their shirt upon signing up. We kindly request that you wait for the arrival of their shirt, safety glasses, and earplugs through mail before getting started.

Yes, they each will receive a set . But with 3 or more kids they are required to do 100 lawns or 50 lawns each. Its 100 lawns per every group of 3 kids. So if you sign up 6 kids, that will be 200 lawns. Every kid will receive a set.

Children are welcome to utilize whatever tools they have at their disposal for the challenge.

In the case of three or more kids collaborating, their collective goal is to complete 100 lawns, or each participant must individually complete 50 lawns.

Absolutely! Similar to school assignments, it is not sufficient to merely claim completion. It is crucial to provide evidence and substantiate the work. To ensure that each lawn is counted, you must submit the following: a before/after picture of each lawn, a picture of your child actively engaged in mowing or snow shoveling, and if the homeowner is willing, a photo together with them. Please remember that these pictures must be submitted for the yard to be considered valid.

A single property, encompassing the back, front, and the surrounding area of the entire house, is regarded as one lawn.

Our 50-yard challenge specifically includes tasks such as mowing, raking leaves, picking up trash, and snow shoveling. However, activities such as picking up dog poop, assisting with moving items, or taking out the trash bin to the curb are not part of the challenge and will not be counted as a yard. Please note that ONLY mowing, snow shoveling, and picking up trash are eligible for the challenge.

The only way it will count is if someone in the house hold is elderly, disabled, single parent, veteran , someone who is active duty military or a first responder. 

We understand sometime things happen. Your phone might die when you are out with your child mowing or you might just have forgotten to take a picture at that lawn, it happens and that’s ok. That lawn will count still. BUT when you say we mowed 5,10 or even 50 lawns and didn’t get any pictures at all (trust me we have heard this many times), those lawns WILL NOT COUNT.  Think of it as homework, when you don’t submit it to your teacher, you don’t get credit for it. All we ask is for your to just document each lawn with the pictures . A before & after photo, a picture of your child in action & also a picture of your child and the home owner if they are up to it, if not , just a photo of your child in the yard once they are done.

Upon successfully completing the 50-yard challenge, children will be rewarded with a standard push mower, weed eater, and blower. These essential tools are acquired through our Amazon wishlist, where generous supporters purchase the equipment. Please note that we do not provide self-propelled mowers or riding mowers as part of the reward.

No, additional credit will not be granted for encountering challenging or larger-than-normal lawns. While we understand that some lawns may be more difficult or larger in size, children will not receive extra credit for them. We believe that a little hard work won’t harm anyone and encourage children to tackle such tasks with determination.

Upon completing the registration process, please allow up to one week for the shirt to be delivered to your residence via mail. Occasionally, mail delivery may experience delays. If you have not received the shirt within one week, please feel free to contact us via text message at (256) 508-9440.

No, children must wait until they receive their shirt, safety glasses, and ear protection in the mail before participating. It is essential that these items are worn at all times during the challenge.

Absolutely! It is crucial to submit photos for each lawn. This includes a before and after photo showcasing the transformation, a picture of your child actively working on the lawn, and if the homeowner agrees, a photo with them. Simply providing a list of lawns completed on a specific date, along with the time it took your child to mow each lawn, will not be considered valid. Only photos of each lawn will be accepted and counted towards the challenge.

Although we encourage kids to assist wherever possible, we strongly advise against engaging in activities at cemeteries and recommend leaving such tasks to professionals. Regrettably, we will be unable to count any work performed in cemeteries as part of the yard challenge.

When it comes to picking up trash, it encompasses collecting litter from public areas, roadside, parks, and similar locations. In order for your child’s trash pick-up to be counted, they must provide before and after photographs of the area where the trash was collected. Additionally, they should aim to gather a minimum of four large trash bags filled with garbage.

Similar to signing up for a sports team where wearing a jersey is often required, we also request that your child mows in their RM/RW shirts. We understand that occasionally the shirts may be in the washer, but whenever possible, we would appreciate them mowing in the designated shirts.