Frequent asked questions we get about the 50 yard challenge. 

 Kids ages 8-17 can take part in our 50 yard challenge.

All kids are required to find their own lawns. We have suggested to all parents that one of the best ways to find lawns is by posting on local yard sale pages on FB  that your kid is taking part in the 50 yard challenge and is looking to mow, for FREE, the lawns of the elderly, disabled, single parents or veterans. 90% of our kids are able to finds lawns this way. Some even  go door to door and ask .  This is also another way for  kids to get to meet people they likely wouldn’t have met before and gives them a chance to know their neighbors .

We strongly encourage kids to team up with a friend or sibling. We have found that this challenge can be used as a great bonding time together . If there are 3 or more kids working together , they must do 100 lawns or 50 lawns each.

There is no time limit to the 50 yard challenge . Kids can take as long as they need. If they start this summer and do not finish, they can pick up where they finished next summer. 

Kids may do a lawn more than once, but we encourage kids to find as many lawns as they can

At each lawn your child mows/shovels, please take pictures of them in action. Also, please take before & after pictures of their work as well . If you are familiar with how I take pictures when I do my lawns, I take them with the person whose lawn I mow if they are up to it and if they aren’t or not home I take a picture at their door via my selfie stick. In order for each lawn to count you have to send these. If not, the lawns will not count .

You can send the pictures to (256) 508-9440 or [email protected]

Yes, it doesnt matter where a child is, they can take part in the 50 yard challenge.

Kids can start the challenge as soon as they receive their shirt after signing up. We ask that you please wait to receive their shirt, safety  glasses and ear plugs in the mail.

Yes, they each will receive a set . But with 3 or more kids they are required to do 100 lawns or 50 lawns each. Its 100 lawns per every group of 3 kids. So if you sign up 6 kids, that will be 200 lawns. Every kid will receive a set.

Whatever tools kids have available to them, they can use.

If there are 3 or more kids working together they must do 100 lawns or 50 lawns each.

YES! Just like school, you cant just say you did the home work, you have to show and prove it. In order for each lawn to count you HAVE to submit a before/after picture of each lawn, a picture of your child in action (mowing, snow shoveling, ect) and if the home owner is up to it, a picture with them as well. Again, these have to submitted for the yard to count.

One house is considered a lawn. The back, front and around the entire house is 1 lawn.

Only mowing , raking leaves, pick up trash & snow shoveling are included for our 50 yard challenge . Picking up dog poop, helping move things, pulling a trash bin to the curb ,ect are not included and will not count as a yard. ONLY Mowing, Snow Shoveling & Picking up trash.

The only way it will count is if someone in the house hold is elderly, disabled, single parent, veteran , someone who is active duty military or a first responder. 

We understand sometime things happen. Your phone might die when you are out with your child mowing or you might just have forgotten to take a picture at that lawn, it happens and that’s ok. That lawn will count still. BUT when you say we mowed 5,10 or even 50 lawns and didn’t get any pictures at all (trust me we have heard this many times), those lawns WILL NOT COUNT.  Think of it as homework, when you don’t submit it to your teacher, you don’t get credit for it. All we ask is for your to just document each lawn with the pictures . A before & after photo, a picture of your child in action & also a picture of your child and the home owner if they are up to it, if not , just a photo of your child in the yard once they are done.

Upon completing the 50 yard challenge, kids will receive a standard push mower, weed eater & blower . All equipment comes from our amazon wishlist where people who support us, purchase the equipment. We do not give out self propelled mowers nor riding mowers. 

No. We understand sometimes you just come across a difficult lawn or a larger than normal size lawn but kid will not receive extra credit . What we mean is if a parent says can this lawn count as two lawns because of the size of it, the answer is no. A little hard work won’t hurt no one.

After signing up, please give it a week for the shirt to show up at your house in the mail. Sometimes mail runs slow. If you don’t receive it within a weeks time, text us at (256) 508-9440.

No! Kid must wait until they receive their shirt, safety glasses and ear protection in the mail. They must been worn at all times 

YES! You MUST submit photos of each lawn . A before and after photo, a photo of your child in action & if the home owner is up to it, a photo with them. You can NOT just submit a list of all the lawns stating you done them on xyz date along with the amount of time it took your child to mow the lawn. THAT WILL NOT COUNT.  Photos of each lawn are they only thing that will count.  

While we encourage kid to help out where they can, we advise the when it come to cemeteries please leave that to professionals. We will not be able to count that as yard. 

When it comes to picking up trash, it include picking up trash in public areas, the side of the road, parks ect. For picking up trash to count your child must also  do before and after shots  of the area they pick up trash from along with collecting 4 or more large trash bags worth of trash.

When kids sign up to sports team, 99% they have to wear a jersey. For us its the same thing. We would like you child to mow in their RM/RW shirts . We understand sometimes it might be in the washer, but when they can, we would love for them to mow in their shirts.