Do you accept the 50 yard challenge?

Alumni of 2021

These are the kids who have completed our 50 Yard Challenge in 2021

They mowed 50 free lawns in their community for the elderly, disabled, single parents & veterans . They have all received their black shirts along with brand new mowers, weed eaters & blowers.

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Do you accept the 50 Yard Challenge?

Kids across the country united in service

We challenge you to cut 50 lawns FREE for the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans , & anyone in need of help in your town. If you accept this challenge, all you need to do is send us a photo of you holding a sign saying “I accept the 50 Yard Challenge”, and in return, we’ll send you your white Raising Men/Women shirt along with shades & ear protection to get you started. For every 10 lawns cut, you will get a new color shirt.