Mowing With Cops

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Mowing With Cops
Lawn Cruiser
In 2019, I designed the “Lawn Cruiser”. It’s a lawn mower with a light bar, like a police car. I also did a 50 state mowing tour that same year called “Mowing with Cops”. As I do with all my 50 state tours , I went to all 50 states to mow, but the goal behind this tour was to invite officers in each state out to mow with me in their community .The goal was to use free lawn care as a way to build relationships between officers & their communities.

After the tour, I contacted our friends at Toro & told them about an idea I had and they loved it . That idea was to donate Lawn cruisers to PD’s/SD’s all over the country . Toro sent over 10 mowers for me to design as Lawn Cruisers . We have since given these mowers to many PD’s/SD’s across the country who go out in their community & mow lawn for free .

If your local PD/SD would like one, please fill out the form below & I will be In contact. For each Lawn Cruiser, I will customize it for each PD/SD.

My goal is to make police lawn cruisers (mowers) and donate them to PD nationwide and use free lawn care as a way to build relationships between officers and their communities . Thanks to our friends our friends at Toro for their continued support.
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