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I Want To Mow Your Lawn. Com

Founded in 2020, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, I Want To Mow Your Lawn provides 100% free lawn-mowing to people over 65, military veterans, disabled, and under-resourced individuals / families — with green initiatives in mind. For I Want To Mow Your Lawn™ founder, Brian Schwartz, laid off from a digital-advertising job, it was something to do, some way to help, at a time when everything in the world seemed upside down.

Our grassroots movement consists of College Students, “Empty Nesters”, Working Professionals, People in Between Jobs, Recent Retirees, Landscape Contractors, Charitable Organizations, Educational Institutions & Socially Responsible Companies — serving on the Frontlines &/or Back-Office.

If we aren’t able to find a kid in your area, the next best thing is to visit I Want To Mow Your . They might have someone near you. 

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