Adopt A Mower

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Adopt A Mower

One of our goals for 2021 is to have even more kids take part in our 50 yard challenge & to do that we need your help .There are kids that would like to take part in our 50 yard challenge, but do not have a lawn mower . We always have ppl in the RMLCS/RWLCS family come to us and say “ I have a second hand mower I’d like to donate to the organization”

So we will be introducing a new program called Adopt a Mower. How it will work: Someone says they have a 2nd mower and they would like to give it to a kid to start the 50 yard challenge in their city . They will simply fill out the form and they will be added to a list .

We will have a list on our website of Cities/States where we have ppl willing to give mowers to kids. If a kids contacts us and says they would like us to reach out to the person on our list that has a mower they could use , we will put both parties in contact with each other.


Shirts You Can Earn
If you give/lend a kid a mower to take part in the 50 yard challenge you will receive one of the shirts in the photos attached (a white raising men/women shirt). Once/when the kid using your mower completes the 50 yard challenge you will also receive a black shirt .
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If you like, you can upload a picture of the mower.