Do you accept the 50 yard challenge?

Adopt A Mower

We need your help to grow!

Do you have a mower you'd like to donate?

We aim to increase participation in our 50 Yard Challenge, and for this, we require your assistance. There are children eager to join in but lack access to a lawn mower.

How Adopting a Mower Works

If you have a spare lawn mower you wish to donate to help a child begin the 50 Yard Challenge in your area, please complete the form below. Only your surname, city, state, and the type of lawn equipment you’re offering will be displayed.

At the bottom of this page, we’ve compiled a list of cities and states where individuals are ready to provide mowers for children. Should a child express interest in obtaining a mower from someone on our list, we will facilitate contact between the two parties.

Our kids are helping





By Adopting a Mower, you can earn shirts!

If you provide a child with a lawn mower to participate in the 50 Yard Challenge, you will get one of the shirts shown in the attached photos (a white Raising Men/Women shirt). Additionally, once the child using your mower finishes the 50 Yard Challenge, you will be given a black shirt as well.

Fill out our form to be added to our list of Adopt a Mowers

Here is a list of cities where generous individuals are ready to donate their lawn equipment to support kids participating in our 50 Yard Challenge. If your child is interested in joining the challenge but lacks a lawn mower, please consult the list below. Should you find your city mentioned, you can register your child for the 50 Yard Challenge through this link HERE. On the registration form, under the comments section, note that your child requires a lawn mower and that your city is on our donation list. We will then facilitate contact with the donor who is willing to provide or lend a mower for your child’s use.