Do you accept the 50 yard challenge?

Power Mower

This year we will be introducing the “Power Mow”. A ‘power mow’ is a community event in which  I (Rodney Founder of RM/RW)  & supporters of the organization  come together to mow with a child(ren) that are taking part in our 50 yard challenge. The power mow involves mowing as many lawns as possible within a four-hour period, with the stipulation that the group can only work on one lawn at a time. The power mow is organized to promote teamwork and community engagement while also providing a valuable service to those in need.

Here is an example:

Timmy receives a Power Mow card in the mail, which will come with instructions. His parents will reach out to confirm a date for the Power Mow. All lawns will be scheduled in advance, with an effort made to group them in proximity to one another. For example, if Timmy lives in Salt Lake City, UT, the date will be confirmed and publicly announced, such as on June 5th. Those interested in participating on that day will need to RSVP and provide their shirt size. All participants will receive a RM/RW shirt as well. Participants are welcome to join in or simply come to support the effort. Yards mowed during the power mow will count towards the kids 50 yard challenge. 

It is anticipated that a maximum of 10 Power Mow cards will be distributed in a year. Parents can nominate their child for consideration through the website . If your child is struggling with motivation to get the challenge done , this may be a great opportunity for them. The Power Mow cards have no expiration date, but once used, they cannot be reused. The card can also be gifted to another child if desired.